Are you a plumber?

Are you tired of working for someone else, making them all the money while you do all the hard work?

It’s time you start your own business.

With little more than a website, the owner of Beckley Services dot com started a plumbing business.

In less than is 5 (five) months, our plumbing business has grossed $40,000.00 in cold hard cash.

The funny thing is, we knew nothing about the plumbing before now.

We did not expect the plumbing business to blow up like it did.

Of course we made the website and we knew the plumbing business had much potential.

But, we did not know how much potential, until now.

We originally just wanted to make the website for a plumber and do the advertising for the website, take a small percent of the revenue, and that’s it.

The funny thing is we couldn’t find a plumber to pay us for getting them customers, bringing them more clients, and helping the plumber grow the business.

The next thing we noticed people was calling us like crazy and we had no where to send them.

We did the next natural best thing, we hired a plumber.

The rest is history.

Since then, we have been running the plumbing business like it is our bread and butter because it is.

We have big dreams for this plumbing business.

In the next five years, we can see our little plumbing business making a million a year, easily.

At the same time, the plumbing business is not what we want to do.

We originally wanted to make money doing advertising and marketing.

If we had it our way, we would sell the plumbing business and work in the advertising and marketing business full time.

Hence this webpage, if you are interested in buying a plumbing business, contact us.

Ask for Jerry at 304-923-2013.

The best thing about this plumbing business is it is a work from home business model.

That’s right, work from home.

No rent or mortgage to worry about.

We would like to take on partners and will even consider selling 100% of this company to the right person(s).

The fact is, if we can make a lot of money in the plumbing business, then anyone can make a lot of money in the plumbing business.

If you know what you’re doing, if you’re a plumber or not, you can starting raking in thousands of dollars a week, just like we do.

Every day, every month, people are calling us, and we are making money.

Check out some of our checks, we except cash, checks, and credit cards.

We even bartered for services.

This might be the opportunity of a life-time for the right person, so contact to learn more.

We will be glad to talk to you and let you know everything you need to know to get in on this business opportunity.

Call 304-923-2013, but hurry.

This is a limited and timed offer.

Once this business is sold, we’re going to spend our time marketing and advertising.

You might be thinking, you know nothing about running a business.

We’re willing to teach and coach the right person or people, so you can make thousands of dollars just like us.

Mostly everything already set up.

When you buy this business, you will use your own tools and transportation.

We will get the website and all the organic traffic to this website.

You will get customer from the work we have already done, and we will help you get more customers in the future.

If you want, we will sell the business to you and offer consultancy time each month to answer all your questions.

If you want to join us, you can watch how we run the business from the sidelines or actively participating with daily affairs.

However you want to join our team is up to you.

We’ll be glad to help you make up your mind as to how much you want to work or how little you want to work.

Our goal is to grow the business and give the people of West Virginia the best plumbing service available.

Contact us today and ask for Jerry, 304-923-2013.